A collection of use cases enabled by DIVA Protocol

This section illustrates example use cases of derivatives issued on DIVA Protocol. Independent of the use case, a user can gain exposure to the up- or downside of the underlying metric in three different ways:

  • 💵 Buy: The easiest way to participate in the up- or downside of an asset/metric is to simply buy existing long or short position tokens on the market. This, however, assumes that there are market participants willing to sell the corresponding position tokens at a reasonable price.

  • 💦 Add liquidity: If there is a lack of market participants willing to sell at a reasonable price, a user can add liquidity/collateral to the corresponding contingent pool to mint short and long position tokens and put either the long or short side for sale depending on the users' view.

  • ⚙️ Create a new contingent pool: If there are no markets that meet a user's needs with regards to underlying metric, payoff profile and/or oracle, a user can create a new contingent pool/position tokens themselves. After receiving the short and long position tokens, the user would put either the long or short side for sale depending on their view.

Note that the only difference between adding liquidity and creating a new contingent pool is that latter allows a user to configure the contingent pool parameters themselves while in former this was already done.

All the examples in the following sections assume that there exist no market yet and participants have to configure the markets for their particular use case first. In practice, most markets will have already been created and users will be able buy them directly without the need to configure new contingent pools.

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