Participate in our Learn-to-Earn program to earn a claim on the future DIVA token

Note that the testnet has been migrated from the Ropsten to the Goerli network on 20th August.

The DIVA team is running a testnet until 30th September 2022 where participants can earn a claim on the future DIVA token by trying out and exploring the functionality of the DIVA App. Read the full announcement here.

To participate in the testnet, follow below steps:

  • Head over to the #testnet in our Discord.

  • Type /register in the message line, add a blank space and paste the wallet address that you are going to use to interact with the DIVA App and later to claim the DIVA token. It should look as follows:

  • Make sure you are using an address that you control as you won't be able to change it afterwards!

  • Hit Enter to confirm. In addition to the address registration, you will receive test ERC20 tokens called dUSD (address: 0xFA158C9B780A4213f3201Ae74Cca013712c8538d) that you will need to start testing the app.

  • Type /address to confirm that your address has been registered. You can also use this command to check which account you have registered in case you forget it.

  • Type /claim-test-assets to receive more dUSD tokens for testing (works only for registered users). Note that you can claim test assets once per day.

All available commands to interact with our Discord bot are also listed in the testnet channel:

Note that each verified Discord user can only register one single address.

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