Timelines during the settlement process

The following periods and timelines apply during the settlement process:


Submission period

Time window for the data provider to report the outcome

7 days following pool expiration

Challenge period

Time window for position token holders to challenge a reported value (only applicable if the option to challenge was given by the data provider)

3 days starting from the time of a final value submission by the data provider

Review period

Time window for the data provider to react to a challenge and report a new outcome

5 days starting from the time of the first challenge

Fallback submission period

Time window for the fallback provider to report a value

10 days starting from the expiration of the submission period

The timelines represent initial values and can be updated by the DIVA Protocol owner at a later stage with values ranging from a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 15 days. Further, it's important to note that any changes made will exclusively impact new pools and will not have any effect on existing outstanding pools.

The settlement process is illustrated below and discussed in more detail in the following sections. Also, refer to the official smart contract documentation for more details.

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