DIVA Protocol

What is DIVA Token

DIVA is the native token that is used to govern the DIVA Protocol. There will be a maximum of 100m tokens in circulation. Holding DIVA tokens represents voting power in steering the future direction of the DIVA Protocol. Example topics that DIVA token holders will be able to vote on include:
  • Updates of protocol parameters (e.g., fees and settlement related periods)
  • Deciding on how to spend the DIVA treasury funds (this can include protocol developments, marketing, partnership incentives, hiring, security audits, token buyback, burn, etc.)
  • Adding data providers to the whitelist
Proposals and votes will be conducted in a public and transparent manner using snapshot.org. Decisions will be executed by the DIVA Multisig that will initially consist of early contributors to the protocol.
The ultimate goal is to transition to a fully decentralized and immutable system with a fully automated value capture mechanism that does not require any human intervention.
DIVA token is not a fundraising device nor an investment opportunity.