Reporting process for human data providers

The steps described in this section are only relevant for human data providers. For smart contract oracles, this process is not relevant as they will "automatically" fetch and submit the final value without using the Dashboard in the DIVA App.

Report final value

  • Create a pool where one of the accounts you control is the data provider (for test purposes)

  • Create a very short expiry time to be able to report the value (for test purposes)

  • Once the pool has expired,

    • Go to MY DASHBOARD

    • Switch to the data provider wallet

    • Go to MY DATA FEEDS

    • Click on SUBMIT VALUE button

    • Enter the value, click on SUBMIT, and confirm the transaction in your wallet

Challenge a reported value

After a value has been submitted by the data provider, any position token holder of the corresponding pool can challenge the value if deemed inaccurate. Note that the challenge functionality is optional in DIVA Protocol but enabled by default in the DIVA App for all submissions.

To challenge a submitted value, follow the following steps:



  • Enter the value that you deem to be the correct one

  • Click on SUBMIT

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