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Getting started

Note that this gitbook is currently under construction. Content and structure is subject to change.

DIVA Protocol


Oracle adapters


  • DIVA App: An OTC marketplace for creating, trading and settling derivative contracts peer-to-peer, powered by DIVA Protocol, 0x Protocol and Tellor Protocol

  • DIVA Donate: A conditional donation platform, powered by DIVA Protocol

  • DIVA Viz: An app to visualize derivative product offers and share on Twitter

  • ... more to come

DIVA Protocol makes it easy to create novel derivative financial applications with basic web2/web3 programming skills. Embrace the future of finance and start building your own application on DIVA Protocol today. Check out the project ideas section for ideas or reach out in our 👷Builders channel on Discord. The best apps will be published in DIVA Protocol's dApp Store.

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