Preparation steps for interacting with the DIVA App

In order to interact with decentralized applications like DIVA App, users have to set up a few things before they can get started. This guide will help you set up your wallet and fund it with some test assets so that it becomes easy for you to explore and use the DIVA App by making test transactions. Users that have all of this already set up, can skip this section.

1) Set up MetaMask wallet (one-off)

To be able to use the DIVA App and make transactions on-chain, you will need to have MetaMask wallet installed and set up on your browser. You can follow a detailed guide from here.

2) Get some test assets

Playing around with the DIVA App on the Goerli testnet allows you to make transactions without spending real money. Once your wallet is set up, you will need to get some test assets to interact with the DIVA App. First, you have to you obtain some Goerli ETH to pay for gas fees on the Goerli network. We suggest to use one of the following faucets:

For the testnet, you need a specific ERC20 token which you can use as collateral while interacting with the DIVA App. Head over to the Testnet section to find out how to register and to receive dUSD, the testnet specific collateral token.

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