DIVA Development Fund

Securing the future of DIVA Protocol

To reduce the reliance on external fundraising and grants, the DIVA Protocol team has established the DIVA Development Fund to provide an opportunity for individuals to support the ongoing development of the DIVA Protocol ecosystem.

Individuals can contribute to the development by depositing ETH or any other ERC20 token (excluding rebasable and fee tokens) into the fund. This can be done either by directly sending assets to the Ethereum contract, allowing for immediate claimability by the owner/delegate, or by using the deposit function, which enables specifying a release period.

As part of their commitment to fostering community growth and development, the DIVA Protocol founding team has deposited 58 million tokens (58%) of unreleased DIVA Tokens into the DIVA Development fund shortly after mainnet deployment. The intention is to distribute them strategically in a retroactive manner to contributors.

πŸ™To contribute and support the DIVA Protocol ecosystem, we appreciate your donation to the following Ethereum network address: 0xb3e25F6c7d1074f2cfE0F2Dc8586D1e74234338b

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