Token distribution

Long-term focused and sustainable

  • Maximum supply (to be reached in June 2053): 100 million

  • Circulating supply at TGE (26 June 2023): 22.7 million

  • Projected circulating supply end of year two (30 June 2025), after vesting and realized token unlocks: 46.0 million

Initial token distribution

A total of 34 million DIVA Tokens, out of the maximum supply of 100 million, have been initially allocated among the founding team (25 million), pre-seed investors (5.4 million), community (1.4 million) and other contributors (2.2 million), spanning across 17’482 eligible accounts.

Recipients of more than 15’000 DIVA Tokens, including the team and pre-seed investors, are subject to a two-year vesting period, during which 60% of their allocation will be vested.

Additionally, 58 million tokens have been deposited into the DIVA Development Fund. These tokens will be programmatically unlocked at a rate of 1.93 million tokens p.a. over a period of 30 years to support the on-going development of the ecosystem. Refer to the DIVA Development Fund section to learn more about the purpose and intended use of the funds.

The remaining 8.0 million DIVA Tokens have been temporarily reserved for on-going sale discussions with potential investors and are accessible by the initial protocol delegate, DIVA Technologies AG. If fundraising efforts do not materialize as expected, any unused tokens will be re-deposited into the DIVA Development Fund subject to the same 30-year release period.

Overall, the initial circulating supply amounts to 22.7 million tokens and will increase to approximately 45.6 million tokens by the end of year 2, after vesting and realized token unlocks. It's important to highlight that the circulating supply will decrease if unused strategic reserves are locked back into the DIVA Development Fund.

The chart below illustrates the token distribution over time:

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