DIVA Protocol

What is DIVA Protocol

An open and permissionless protocol to create and settle derivative assets
DIVA Protocol is the first truly universal and flexible smart contract based operating system for derivative applications. With DIVA Protocol, developers can build a wide range of derivative applications, including insurance, structured products, prediction markets, conditional donations, and swaps, all in a permissionless and trustless way. Users can choose any underlying (e.g., the price of an asset or a basket of assets, the TVL locked in DeFi, Ethereum gas price, Bitcoin hash rate, the average temperature, etc.) and any payoff profile (e.g., binary, linear or a combination of both) to create truly unique products that do not yet exist in DeFi and the traditional financial world. DIVA Protocol is oracle agnostic which allows the integration of any centralized or decentralized oracle solution. One of the unique features is the possibility to impose transfer restrictions on derivative assets, which makes it particularly well-suited for traditional financial institutions that must comply with KYC and AML regulations.
An overview of products that can be powered by DIVA Protocol is provided below:
Example products that can be powered by DIVA Protocol