DIVA Protocol

Project ideas

A collection of example projects to build on DIVA Protocol
Wanna build on DIVA Protocol and contribute to the DIVA ecosystem? Below is a collection of example projects for inspiration. We would be happy to support you, both technically and financially! Reach out to us via our 👷Builders channel on Discord if interested.


  • Build a prediction markets platform like Domination Finance, Augur or Polymarket using DIVA Protocol
  • Build a fantasy sports betting platform
  • Build a platform to speculate on the transfer value of football players
  • Build a DeFi insurance platform like Unslashed Finance using DIVA Protocol
  • Build a platform where two Twitter individuals can enter a bet
  • Build an app to bet on the outcome of select sports events (e.g., the Champions League Finals) using DIVA Protocol
  • Contribute to the DIVA App, an OTC market place (app, GitHub)
  • Contribute to the DIVA Donate, a conditional donation platform (app, GitHub)
  • Contribute to DIVA ViZ, an app to visualize derivative contract offers and share on Twitter (app, GitHub)


  • Build your own oracle solution for DIVA Protocol
  • Integrate existing oracle solutions such as Chainlink, Band Protocol, DIA, etc. with DIVA Protocol
  • Build a notification service for human reporters to help them never miss a submission
  • Develop a dashboard to track reporting statistics for various data providers
  • Develop a reputation score for whitelisted data providers

Market Making / Trading

Smart contracts

  • Build an AMM specifically designed for derivative assets issued on DIVA Protocol
  • Build an auction smart contract or integrate existing solutions (such as Gnosis Auction) to sell derivative assets created on DIVA Protocol
  • Help us bring the DIVA Protocol smart contracts to StarkNet, Solana, Stacks and ICP


  • Write blog articles how to build on DIVA Protocol
  • Create tutorial videos how to use the DIVA App or how to build a simple front-end on top of DIVA Protocol
  • Organize a hackathon


  • Use DIVA Protocol to implement a conditional token burn
  • Airdrop your project token linked to pre-defined conditions