Fallback data provider

Increasing confidence of correct settlement by having a fallback data provider

DIVA Protocol incorporates a fallback data provider that steps in and provides a value if the primary data provider fails to submit within the 7-day submission period. The fallback data provider is granted a 10-day window following the submission period to report a value.

  • The fallback data provider can decide whether to submit a value or not. The fallback provider may not report if:

    • Markets are associated with unethical events such as the death of someone.

    • The collateral token is useful and would not justify the costs for reporting.

  • Values submitted by the fallback provider cannot be challenged by position token holders.

During the initial phase of the protocol, the fallback provider will be a Multisig entity owned by early contributors to the DIVA Protocol. However, the long-term goal is to transition to a decentralized oracle solution like Tellor Protocol.

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